Darul-Uloom (Center & Masjid) is a Registered Charitable Organization located in Canada’s Capital, Ottawa.

It was established by Br Abu Bakr Tiano, Br Ather Maqbool, Br Imran Ahmed, Br Minhajuddin, and Br Zafar Ali upon observing the needs of the Muslim community and to facilitate the programs that would offer to the community a combination of religious, institutional and social services. with resources to meet all their religious, institutional, and social needs. 


Darul-Uloom facilitates daily prayers including Friday Sermon, Children Quran Programs, Daily Hadith and Weekly Tafsir lessons, and Seniors Activities. Darul-Uloom also provides Darul Ifta Services, Religious guidance, Family consultation, Nikah/marriage services, and much more related to all aspects of a community that needs to provides the community of Ottawa/Gatineau with resources to meet all their religious, institutional and social needs greater than expectation.


Darul-Uloom sine its establishment fosters an excellent relationship in building principles with a community affiliation to provide meaningful opportunities for the young, the youth, and seniors to promote mutual understanding, multicultural awareness, social justice, and civic responsibilities. 

Darul-Uloom and its amazing team goes beyond any limit to provide the Muslim community of Capital region (Ottawa/Gatineau) with resources to meet all their religious, institutional, and social needs greater than expectation.


Mufti Rasheed Ahmad is a highly qualified Scholar of Islam and the Mufti of Canada's capital, Ottawa.

He has five major degrees in Islamic science: Hafiz, Alim, Mufassir, Mu’addib, and Mufti; with five spoken languages: Arabic, English, Farsi, Urdu, and Hindi.

Mufti Rasheed studied under various prominent Scholars and received several formal authorizations with top honors and graduated from one of the world’s well known prestigious Islamic University, Darul-Uloom Deoband.

His commitment to the sacred sciences began early in his life when he was blessed to complete the memorization. He completed a rigorous eight years Alim course and achieved his masters. This includes, but is not limited to language, exegesis, and jurisprudence. He also completed three years of Takmilat – higher Islamic courses and achieved his Ph.D. in Islamic sciences.


Mufti Rasheed received the Ijaza (authorization of Hadith) from Shaikh Naseeruddin – The Shaikhul Hadith of Darul Uloom Deoband and as well from Shaikh Yunus – The Shaikhul Hadith of Mazahir Uloom, Saharanpur.


He is currently Imam of Masjid Al-Taqwa (ISOSH), Directing Darul Uloom Ottawa (DUO), and assisting the other organizations such as Darul Imaan Association (DIA), Darul-Arqam (RSM) and with Muslim Non-Profit Housing Corporation (MNPHC) to serve the Community of Capital region (Ottawa and Gatineau).

1. Mufti Rasheed Qasmi
2. Moulana Nazrul Islam
3. Shaykh Musa Elsageyer
4. Hafiz Muzammil Younus
5. Hafiz Ubaid Qureshi
6. Hafiz Talha Maqbool
1. Sister Syeda Saleha
2. Sister Tuba Minhaj
3. Sister Arisha Ahmed
4. Sister Nadifa Hasan
5. Sister Aaisha Minhaj
6. Sister Nuzhat Perween

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